Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's that time of year again and we're headed to warmer places. Had a room booked at Whiskey Pete's--$19.95 and when we got there they informed us that they only worked on weekends. They moved us over the street into an o.k. room----except for the guys in the parking lot that were jimmying a locked van. We called security and they informed us that the guys owned the van and were employee's. Why then were they going through the van with a flashlight once they got it opened. Things must be tough all over.

We have a different apartment than we've had for several years in the past. It's nice but smaller and more adult than family oriented.


Jan said...

You're right, there was something "hinky" going on in that parking lot.

PAT said...

Enjoy California! I know you will...it's finally 4 above, at 11:25AM...that's a heat wave...t'was 4 below!
I loved catching up with you, this morning!

Granny Sue said...

dang! I love winter but that beach looks sooo inviting. Have a great time while we're all dealing with sub-zero temps!