Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is week 4 of the Farm Girl Blog A Thon and I can actually do this one easily- unlike last week's. I really do have 3 gardens.

Garden where I live spring and fall. I have about 600 tulips for spring and I plant marigolds and blooming flowers that I can enjoy late summer and fall. The rest of the time the neighbors have to look at 50 rose bushes develop rose hips because nobody is deadheading them.

My Summer Garden at 8900 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Gardening at that altitude is a whole different ball game. Took me about 6 years to decide that the garden was going to only do what IT wanted to.

I also have a 10x10 garden in our little tourist town that I volunteer to plant and care for. They are spaced 4 to a block, both sides of the street on the little main street of our town. We provide plants, water and care for them. I love working on it during the tourist season because the nicest people stop and talk to me.

I just threw this one in so you'll know I'm not a wanna-be Farm Girl-- Several years I helped my Dad get the peach crop off in September. I miss him.

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GardenGoose said...

love all the photos and all of the flowers! and oh yummy..look at all the peaches! thanks for sharing!

Ming the Merciless said...

Judy, your garden photos are spectacular. I especially love the first 4 photos of the garden and porch.

Unfortunate I don't have a green thumb like you do. I have the supernatural power to kill a cactus by overwatering it. With such power comes responsibilities so I stay away from plants altogether.

Jessica said...

wow - I cannot imagine that many tulips!! That is just amazing to see. Would love to see more photos of the flowers. I love gardening and having flowers in bloom throughout the season. :)

Granny Sue said...

The garden is beautiful, Judy. Obvious work goes on there! I scaled back my flower beds several years ago when I realized that they would be too much to maintain over the years. But I miss them.

I am intrigued by your family history. So many years in one place! I doubt many people have such close access to their roots.

great blog!

PAT said...

Neat post, Judy!

We used to drive to Illinois to pick peaches. These days, we stop at farm Illinois. We love Calhoun County peaches.

My camera is a Canon Rebel XTI SLR. I bought it last Fall and I'm still learning! I also have a little Kodak, point and shoot that I use now and then. But all the photos, lately, have been with the Canon. I had a nifty Kodak P850, I bought two years ago. Loved that little camera. It was a point and shoot. Last May, when we visited Mary Carol Garrity's shop Nell Hill's and toured her home, in Atchison Kansas, I dropped my camera. O NO! I bought a disposable camera for the tour. Broke my heart when I dropped that little P850. If you go back to my early posts, prior to May 2007, you will see photos done with that camera.


Moi said...

I wish I knew more about gardening. I'm always reading the pack of the seed packets to figure out how to sow them (when, how deep, kind of soil, etc).

Those are some lovely photos!
Thanks for visiting earlier today;).

Dana Jones said...

what a delightful gardening talent you have! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about paint by numbers. I notice you also have me on your blog roll! I'm quite honored. Thank you.

Katherines Dream said...

Lovely photos Judy. That is a great porch I would dearly love to have porch like that, perfect for early morning tea and even better for an evening drink after supper!
Carol xx