Saturday, April 12, 2008


Garden Goose is having a contest for 6 weeks on "Being a Farmgirl". Don't really care if I win a prize or not but having been raised on a 6 generation farm I thought it might give me some good material for my blog. The theme for this week is "What does being a Farm Girl mean to you?".
Since I haven't really lived on our farm for 45 years being a Farm Girl means memories to me. I visit our farm usually once a week to see my Mom and Aunt. I am one of 15 first cousins and many of them still live on family property. Our original homestead papers are signed by a President of the United States. Growing up on a farm in the 40's and 50's-- it just didn't get any better. To share with other farm girls and to learn about the Farm Girl way of life visit:

Yep--that me, I'm a farm girl

Oldest little brother - just learn'n the trade

My Dad and Granddad

We always had dogs and horses

My Dad with our farm in the background


citygirl15 said...

That's a wonderful story. Growing up in a big city, I can only imagine what i; must have been like being raised on a farm.

When my mother passed away 5 years ago, we decided to keep her country house in the Catskill Mountains, where there is an abundance farms.....from dairy and produce to small livestock.

Jan said...

I've never been a farm girl, really no connections. I loved your story, and the pics. Thanks for sharing.

Moi said...

My grandparents farmed their whole lives together. Actually, they are now 97 and 91 (granddad and mamma respectively) - and granddad still plows a veg garden every year. Dunno where he gets his stamina from --- but I'm thinking it's all the fresh food over the years. I can't wait to see them this summer --- haven't been home to visit in something like 6 yrs now.

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier;).

GardenGoose said...

love the photos..and that one of you as a girl with the apples is so darling. thanks for sharing your story.
and for joining in the fun.

Jessica said...

I love the old photos. Too cute! :)

Katherines Dream said...

That would have been my choice of life style when growing up....oh I would have loved so much to have been a farm girl!
Lovely story....more please.
Carol xx

Mary Ann said...

I too am a farm girl so found this post delightful. Thanks!

Ming the Merciless said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos!

I grew up in a small city and then moved to a small town for college and finally to NYC. So the closest I ever got to a horse is at Central Park where the horse pulled carriages are located.

But we did have pets growing up -- a couple of dogs and fish.

PAT said...

Hi Judy, it's just after 3AM (CDT), my hubby couldn't sleep, I was worried about him, so I am up! He's ok...just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep!! Anyway, I thought I'd check my mail.

This post is fabulous! My husband lived on his parents farm for almost 60 years. The farm was sold 5 years ago, this summer. Until that time, he and his brothers owned the farm, after the death of their parents. I lived on the farm a little over 20 years. A developer bought the property and it doesn't look the same. We've been back once to the back pasture where our house was. We don't think we'll make a return trip.

J's cousins still own and live on the farm, south of here, started by J's first ancestors to arrive here, from Germany, in mid 19th century. It is a sort of island in a sea of progress. I don't know how much longer it will be there!

I enjoyed this post, so much!
Thanks for visiting the back porch! Hope you come again, soon!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today and for your sweet comment! You have a lovely blog, and I adore your nostalgic family photos! =)

Beemoosie said...

What wonderful pictures! I really enjoyed your post!

Nubia said...

that's something to really be proud of! thank you for sharing.

Kitty said...

how wonderful is that? what a childhood that must have been.

My mother grew almost all our vegetables while I was growing up. There is a definite mentality there about living from the earth. I can't imagine having critters around too.

it's a lot of work, I know. phew.