Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh My Gosh

Now I feel really terrible about the title of the post I put on this morning. I had no idea that such a terrible storm would hit south Salt Lake this afternoon. Our granddaughter goes to the grade school in Alpine that is having 300 kids sleep overnight. Her school bus was the one bus on Draper Mountain that got the kids home and she is safe at home tonight. We've been busy calling and making sure everyone is home and safe. Becky is visiting teaching and we're just waiting for her to call when she gets home. I'm busy trying to get information from K.S.L online.


twila said...

Judy, How come this is the FIRST time I've been invited to view your blog?! What a GRAND way to journal! Raquelle has begun blogging, too, and I think it's worth every hour (many hours) you spend on it. You know me and family history — it's more precious than gold! Please notify me each time you post a new entry. I love the commentary and photos. I love you, dear friend! Twila

andi said...

It took 3 hours to get from SLC to Orem last night. I am interested in just how many of those SUV driving Draper parents actually let their kids spend the night at the school.