Thursday, September 11, 2008


September is here and it's time to start putting the cabin to bed for the winter.

The pots on the deck are emptied, scrubbed and sprayed with Clorox water and stored.

The canoe is under the deck and the paddle boat is under the tarp along with the playhouse.

The geese are going home with us this year along with several other irreplaceable items because of the fire danger. We're sure we'll all be back next year and many years after so hopefully it's a needless precaution.

I now have two lamppost gardens in the center of town. The one across the street from mine has been without a friend for two years and was looking pretty shabby. I had always admired it because it's the only one with roses and everyone wonders how they grow up here. . They seemed to have done well with benign neglect for awhile so we should get along fine. It did have about 40 little columbine starts which I removed and transplanted to the cabin.

Garden # 1 has done great this year-- I think it's been it's best year even though my alpine clematis died last winter. I've gathered all the poppy seeds but will wait a couple of weeks to mulch and do the winter stuff.

And thanks to Sage who kept me walking upright this summer.


Granny Sue said...

My! didn't the summer go quickly? Seems like you were just writing about going to the cabin...

Dana Jones said...

I was just thinking last week it won't be long and we'll be shutting off the water and closing the vents and wrapping all the pipes under the cabin for winter.

We keep our cabin heated when we're gone in winter, but you never know when the power will go out.

The Boyscout motto: Be Prepared!