Saturday, July 26, 2008


The Friends of the Grand County Library held their annual fundraiser at the Grand Lake Yacht Club on June 27th, 2008. The wine tasting/auction was done beautifully as usual. No, I'm not a member of the Yacht Club and No, I don't drink but I can buy a ticket with the best of them. My daughter attended with me and I only embarrassed us once when I ask "where do we put the tickets for the door prize" and they were actually the tickets used to obtain "our wine" for the wine tasting. We got our Coke and Sprite and wandered around looking like we belonged?
The Auction items were beautifully decorated tables designed around the Title of Books.

"Ciao Colorado" A beautiful cookbook of Italian Family Cooking by Physsis Newton

"Barefoot in the Park" Neil Simon

"My Life in France" by Julia Child

"A Walking Tour of Historic Grand Lake"

"The Virginian"

"Sailing Above The Clouds" by Dorothy O'Ryan

"A Colorado Kind of Christmas" by Sally Daniel

"Dancing in the Light of the Moon"


PAT said...

Judy, I wish we could have been there! It sounds lovely! Wonderful photos!

Have a great week.

Mary Ann said...

You are so living the good life. I am happy for you!

Dana Jones said...

Oh how fun and so pretty too. Was Julia Child actually there? My dad was honored to be the pilot for someone very famous once and when asked what the man was like, he said, he puts his pants on just like I do, one leg at a time. My dad is kind of crass like that. But it goes to show, we are all just people and we all belong. It looks like you had a fab time and the ticket thing was an easy misunderstanding!

Love, Dana

Jeanne said...

Judy, what a great experience and fabulous photos too. I would love to have been there.

So happy for you, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I enjoyed looking at the photos.


andi said...

Well, aren't you the fancy folks. I never got invited to Library fund raisers in GL. You must truly be a local!