Thursday, June 26, 2008


Monday was our 3rd annual Family History Trip. All of our family and some cousins walked into the Springs and had a snack and talked about the history of the ditch. All the grandchildren got small booklets with pictures of their ancestors ending with their picture and a history and photo's of the falls and ditch. Thanks to Scott, my cousin, who is the Ditchmaster for spending a good part of a Saturday earlier in the month so we could have this fun day.

My Great-Great Grandfather and his three brothers all homesteaded in the same area in the valley where we have lived for 6 generations. They decided to grow fruit along with running a logging mill at the canyons entrance. With help from some men from town that owed them for lumber they staked claims to 3 water sources in the canyon and formed The Smith Ditch Company. Over a period of 3 years with picks, shovels and a homemade level made of string and a bottle, they dug a ditch from the Upper Falls to the Lower Falls to the Springs and approximately 3 miles around the mountain to service several farms along the east bench of the valley. Over that 3 miles the ditch drops approximately 30 feet and runs entirely on gravity. Most of it is now piped but a short distance still flows above ground.

Both waterfall sources are up in these cliffs. Yes, I did go to the base of both of them. O.K. I rode on Scott's fourwheeler to the base of the second one but then took the "non-path" to the base of the upper fall.

Non-path between falls. Shortly after Scott told me he had forgot to bring his pistol, he told me he had seen bear scat on the "path" a couple of weeks ago. Last year there was bear in his peach orchard. Bears have only been seen in the area in the past 15 years.

Scott cleaning out the screen at the bottom of Upper Falls

View from bottom of Upper Falls into the canyon below

Lower Falls

Beginning of the "Spring"

40 feet from the beginning

100 feet from beginning

Is this what you call "A Hot Dog".

Scott's and his puppies

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fiona said...

You have such beautiful photos on your blog, and I love your historical stories.

Threeundertwo said...

Beautiful! And of course I love the puppies!

mahalo a nui loa said...

See? My mom said I would be a ditch digger if I didn't go to college. If she only knew what that meant, I could have been proud. I love that your family is so keen on its history. What a beautiful place!

Kristine said...

Gorgeous views!!!
Looks like a perfect spot for
a hot, summer, day!!! ;-)

kitsch n sink studio

andi said...

I want to go see the falls. I had no idea there were falls up in them-thar-hills. Can I just walk up and claim I'm kin?

Jewelgirl said...

What nice photos, thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Cool idea for a vintage post! What a beautiful spot, and who doesn't love a bunch of puppies? Only an evil cat person, I"m sure!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Stunning photos and what beautiful pupppies..!

Anonymous said...

enjoyed this post very much. loved the 'hot dog' and puppies. ;-)


The Apron Queen said...

Who knew a ditch could have so much history. The area is so beautiful & natural. Loved this post.

PAT said...

Beautiful photos. The pups are gorgeous, too!


Cheryl said...

The history of your family is wonderful......your journey with the grandchildren and their presentation book is a fabulous momento to keep forever.
The puppies are beautiful, I love spaniels......