Friday, June 13, 2008


I wish it was a Nursery with cute little 6 month old babies crawling around on the floor but it's not that kind of a nursery.
I'm babysitting 14 huge hanging baskets for my porch and Max's barn. I picked them up last Saturday and the weather is so cold at night that we can't hang them. Also 5 flats of assorted growing stuff. Every day they go out on the deck to "take the sun" and then back in before
dark to rest overnight. The last three nights of below freezing weather and today the weather starts to improve. Doesn't really feel like we've moved in until the baskets are hanging.
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Schotzy said...

I love these baskets!! I havent seen any beautiful ones around here this year. I'm having a hard enough keeping my small plantings going in this heat wave! Those just bless me!!Thanks for sharing!

Constance said...

Pretty much the opposite here in Texas with the lack of rain and flowers burning up! Yours are gorgeous. Once they're hung in their proper place you'll have to post some pics for S&T!

Grand Life said...

Thanks for a suggestion for a future post. Pansies are about the only thing that work well up here because it stays cool all summer. 80 is a heat wave here.
Flowers that need heat just don't do well.

____Maggie said...

So, pretty! Just stopped by to let you know the Sense of Place Contest is ready for entries! Another chance to win! :)

Pat said...

Judy those flower baskets are gorgeous! You'll have to posta photo when they are all hanging.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow! Have a wonderful celebration when your kids and grandkids get there next week!

These are the best years --enjoy!!

Hugs, Pat

PS The "bloggers prayer" on your sidebar was so funny! Can I copy it into a blog post one day and link it back to you?

Charlotte said...

What beautiful flower baskets, but my that is a lot of trouble. I love to go to nurseries and see all the beautiful plants and flowers.

nannykim said...

Thohse are so nice; but now I am wondering where you live!! It has been in the 90's here in the day and the 70's at night. I will have to see if you tell where you are!

Cheryl said...

Gosh that is a labour of love Judy. I have only had to do that once, but I only had five baskets. It will be worth it they look beautiful....

Moi said...

The flower baskets look absolutely gorgeous!

Alas, this year I'm broke. So instead of buying seedling? I tried sowing some seeds I had out in the barn.

A few are coming up now.....but somehow I seem to manage to kill them off when they're just sprouting. :(

I'm afraid my baskets won't be as 'bushy' as the ones in your photo, this year.

I'm gonna hang'em all this week anyway, though!:)