Saturday, March 29, 2008



Is this a great picture or what. My husband collects old artifacts related to the petroleum industry and found about 100 of these old photo's at a garage sale. Eventually he sold them to a collector but this one I kept. This is the old penny candy/tiny grocery store/gas station that was just up the road (dirt path) from my grade school. We would walk up on our lunch hour and get a penny's worth of candy. Usually 2 pieces. I can still remember clearly what the interior of the store looked like. It was torn down in the 60's and replaced with a parking lot for a football stadium. Eventually I tracked down one of the owners sons and mailed he and his brothers copies of the glossy print.


Katherines Dream said...

Well it is funny that your hub collects artifacts relating to the petroleum industry. My father worked for Shell for 46 years and I worked for them too. I have a great deal of attachment to the petrol industry....lots of books, postcards etc....I remember my dad returning from a late shift at the terminal and I just had to say goodnight no matter how late it was, he smelt of the fuel and I now find that smell comforting in an odd way!
Carol x

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Judy, I love photo's of old buildings, people, places and esp. gardens. I'll you to my favs, thanks for stopping by, Theresa