Monday, March 3, 2008


We're down to our last week in California and we've been working on the supplies and refrigerator for about a week. Anytime now we'll be having refried beans and pineapple slices for supper.

Tim raced in St. George last Saturday
and then hopped on down here for a few days. He had some "use it or lose it" vacation days. Melanie and the twins decided not to miss any additional school days. Tim just plans to bike and surf and T.V. It's good to have him here.
He went surfing this afternoon and biked through Camp Pendleton this morning. Loved the surfing at Orfino.
Becky and Jack Rhodes have rented a unit here and will be here on Thursday. We're looking forward to them coming.


andi said...

Those pictures are great! I hope you got a real copy to put up on your wall.

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Judy,
refried beans and pineapple slices for supper ! now that sounds
Great piccies
Carol xx