Sunday, February 24, 2008


Thank you Melanie-- she always does her homework as far as interesting sites when they vacation. She found this wonderful "Rancho Guajome Adobe County Park" last year when they were here. We didn't get around to visiting it until yesterday but it will be one of the fun places to take people from now on. Thanks Mel.
Rancho has two enclosed courtyards. Very unusual at that time. The Cherokee Rose bush is from the 1880's.

Family Dining Room

The outside of the traditional Mexican oven called a "horno". The capacity of the oven is huge. A very hot fire was built in the oven and burned to coals. This heated the oven so that it could be used for baking.

This was the original front porch and was enclosed in 1880 when the sewing room (for his new wife) was added on the top.

This beautiful restored and playable organ is also on the enclosed porch

It's a Murphy Bed

School Room

Old childrens walker

"On one side of the garden is the capilla or private chapel of Mrs. Couts which we all visited in the afternoon. Miss Couts informed in that this was the only private chapel in California though they are common among the wealthy and noble of Spain, the priests do not f avor them, and at first refused to bless this one of Mrs. Couts. But she declared she would have it anyway and bless it herself if no one else would, and that she would not be narrowed down in her religion to the shrines of the clergy. Whereupon the clergy yielded and now mass is said whenever a priest comes that way." Hubert How Bancroft

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